Monday, July 31, 2006

Docs Wife

Shabbat was very noisy, so yesterday I took the day off and went with the doc to work and sat in an airconditioned office and heard muffled booms, after that I really did feel more relaxed.
To-day there is an eerie silence, most of the people here have left so there is not the usual traffic and people noises, it is weird. 48 house off. Do I get 48 hours off too? Or are they importing more weapons and re-grouping at my expense? Am I a sitting duck??
I am reading strange things like the building in Kfar Kana collapsed four hours AFTER the bombing. The building had disabled kids in it? It was the same building we bombed in Grapes of Wrath, do they use this place to store and fire rockets at us and put children in it? Is it possible?

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