Tuesday, July 18, 2006

haifa back in the bunkers

I just got a message from someone at our main office in Haifa that they were back in the bomb shelters. The air raid siren just started wailing and then its a calm walk down 5 flights of stairs in nervous anticipation. They are hoping to see the rockets go into the bay as they walk past the windows, though that didn't happen this time.


Anonymous said...

Much prayers from a Gentile in Western NY. I've been following your blog for a couple of days and our whole family is actively praying for all of Israel! Some of my kids would stop by the computer and ask how Israel is doing, I would read out loud what you and others have written here. They expressed to me, "Why don't they leave Israel alone?" That's a good question and I answered it as best as I could.
I pray that God would give your leaders much wisdom in dealing with this "intrusion" on your land and against your people. Even though I'm not a Jew, I do read my Bible and all through the Old Testament, any person or peoples, or nation who "touched" God's people had God to reckon with. It is more than just "an eye for an eye" it is touching the LORD's anointed. He will avenge you, just keep praying! He does answer prayers!!!
From what I read, you have several children, I have eight! Although I have never been through what you are having to endure, back in 1991, when our family was in the Philippines and at the time when Mt. Pinatubo blew it's stack, there was guerrilla warfare going on all around us. While I knew there were guerrillas in the area, I was ignorantly bliss to the fact that there were scrimmages currently going on, as my husband kept this piece of information from me and the oldest, of our then 5 children, were too young to understand and also none of the radio stations we could get were in English. I learned this out later, while we were still in that country and was glad I didn’t know what those huge helicopter’s going back and forth were doing just over the hill. Unfortunately, the unit that my husband went to visit with my three eldest sons, (then 8, 7, & 5 yrs old) was basically wiped out a week later. They had been able to sing and hold a Bible study with the soldiers. We still sorrow over that to this day.
Many prayers for your family and others still in the “hot spots” and those all over Israel! For those who were hurt or killed and their families.
Forgive me for going on and on, as I have never posted on a blog before.

rockofgalilee said...

Ruth feel free to come and comment as often as you wish.