Thursday, July 20, 2006

meeting refugees

I just spoke with train talk and his wife (we're getting together for a bbq tonight) and they told me that their teenage daughter met her entire youth group (Bnei Akiva) in the center of Jerusalem last night. A boy pulled out a guitar and a girl pulled out a flute they put out a box that said help the Galilean refugees and raised money to help the victims. Kudos to them.
My wife ran into a bunch of people today from our village. One lady said she had put the kids outside in a little swimming pool when she heard a missile incoming. She grabbed the kids and ran inside and the boom was so loud she was sure it has hit the house. It had actually hit the neighbor's house. Too close for comfort, she finally evacuated with her family. She saw another lady whose husband works for the police in Haifa. I didn't see this on the news, but she said the main police station got hit, and now her husband has a few days off. I thought he worked in the courthouse, so it could be the main courthouse got hit and my wife misunderstood. It seems like our neighborhood is sustaining a lot of damage right now.

It is so important to continue talking to people who are refugees and encourage them. Be friendly, they are happy to talk. Don't shut them out because you think they want to be alone. They don't. And if you know of a family with kids, send toys over for them to play with.

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