Sunday, July 23, 2006

sirens and the muse

Left our new temporary dwelling at 5:45am and arrived in downtown Haifa around 8:30 for a day's work, first time since a week ago Thursday. Experienced three sirens and heard blasts and ambulances from our internal sheltered space. Later on this evening I plan on coming back to the bunker to take care of vital business including feeding our bachelor parakeet "MM" (full name protected) and maybe hooking up a radio to the timer along with a light for repelling unwanted guests and trying to keep MM happy. The major difference of course is the sirens and I wonder if the muse helps create the right atmosphere. Sometimes there's too much atmosphere as I discovered in a controversial "liberal" "modern orthodox" minyan for shabbat shachrit where the sexes seem to become android and I come to appreciate the creativity of Leonard Cohen and other raspy or otherwise "unbeautiful" shelichai zibur. It was like a Rod Serling Twilight Zone where the beginning is real nice and then the mendacity cuts in. Over and out until later and possible editing.

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rockofgalilee said...

I'll tell you where to daven next week.