Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Docs Wife

Had a great nights sleep last night, feel really good. I looked after my Grandaughter yesterday, we got pounded about four and I grabbed her and ran a few steps to the bomb shelter where she looked at me and said "Chocolate???"
Traintalk asked me to look after someones birds, they were outside his house unattended and I told him I really do not like birds but last night my dear husband went and kidnapped (Chicknapped) the birds and brought them here three are still alive and one laid an egg..I know how that feels.
Sunday I was really depressed what is battle fatigue? Do I have it? Yesterday I was busy with beautiful grandchild, to-day I am rested and ready to start a new day. Strange things are happening, I was checking the birds outside and an army truck pulled up and a big soldier came out with a cup and asked for milk. I gave him milk and offered him bread, breakfast cerial, anything? but he just wanted milk and off he went. May they go in peace and safetey.
The hospital has opened outpatients, I guess they need the money. Some people who live in Naharya in the top floors of apartments and work in the hospital have moved in to the hospital, it is much safer there.

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