Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Other Half

This is traintalk's wife.
The so called quiet night was very noisy. Booming all night long. Same thing now. But, that isn't what I wanted to talk about. On the last occasion that we spent prolonged time in the shelters our kids were little now they are teenagers and technology has come a long way. So the girls sat in the shelter watching movies on a litttle DVD player. Now, my 16 year old can express how she feels. She is under pressure and says that her "heart is hurting". That means she jumps every time she hears a loud explosion that is close by and is totally panicked. She is very concerned that we choose not to sleep in the bomb shelter. There are good reasons for that. Hubby is asthmatic and has an allergy to dust he would stop breathing before the katyushas hit. I just hate the feeling of being in a small room underground. The girls made sure that they have prayer books and psalms with them. In between movies they pray and read psalms. Crazy huh? But that is what life is all about here.

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