Sunday, July 16, 2006

a loud night

The booming was loud at midnight and louder at 5 AM.
My children are very excited about going to a place where there are less booms.
Our neighbors are in Eilat right now, they'll probably be returning today at sometime because she is a nurse and has to open the medical center in case of emergency. He told his daughter that they were going somewhere where there would be no booms. The next morning, someone in the building slammed a daughter and their daughter looked at him accusingly and said, "You said there would be no booms."

I need to find an "I'm a refugee" shirt to alert everyone of our status while we are on vacation. I thought about wearing my US fatigues shirt, which is what I wore when I was homeless (when my house was sold and we were living at my parents for 3 weeks before we moved here).

I will try and find a guest blogger who can keep you updated on a regular basis.


Rafi G. said...

have a good time. enjoy the quiet. go somewhere you will internet access so you can occassionally blog.

Anonymous said...

why was a daughter slammed?