Wednesday, July 26, 2006

back at work going home

Yesterday was very strange for me, I didn't even see the computer. Picked my folks up at the airport and then we hung out with them for the better part of the day.

Today I came in to work in Haifa to take care of things that need my actual physical presence. It's amazing what can pile up while you are gone for a week. So far we've only been down to the bomb shelter once and the rockets hit North Haifa, though I didn't see the hit.

One of the guys from the office got pictures of the attacks a couple days ago, but he only has pictures of the smoke billowing up afterwards, none of the rocket in the sky.

This afternoon I'm going home to get some stuff, hopefully there will be quiet. I will continue to blog the situation throughout the day in Haifa.

Someone sent me a message that there is a get together for our community in Tel Aviv at the ganey Yehoshua in Tel Aviv. The message was bring food and children and have fun. Anyone from our community is invited.

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