Sunday, July 16, 2006

Good Morning Israel - "quiet"

One of the early morning news stations called last night "quiet" for northern residents. This can mean one of several things: 1) The military censor has kicked into play and we are not going to give away any more free intelligence to the enemy; 2) The opposite, but from a casualty or injury point of view no new statistics were created. Hopefully every rocket landing was monitored and there are no unknowns to the authorities, for whatever reason; 3) the barrages have so hardened us that now that over 1000 (I am approximating but not exaggerating) have landed , we can say no matter what happens that it is "quiet", read: under control i.e. Give us your best punch you crackheads - to borrow a Rock label - because tomorrow you will be history.
I would like to think that "quiet" will mean that there is a new national consensus in the making and now (as though we forgot) that we have a clear and certain foe there will be no need to continue unraveling ourselves in that proxy reality show we call Israel. All that is needed are some new facts on the ground we can all be proud of.

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