Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Two more hits

We were sent down to the bunker 2 more times today. It is amazing that I (or anybody else, for that matter) am getting any work done today. I guess you just get used to it.

When I get to Maalot later on today, I plan on handing out the donations that I have received so far, and I'll let you know how that goes. My plan is just to hand out cash to families with children and let them figure out what they want to do with it. Our living expenses have gone way up since we left home, and I know that others have as well.

I'm hearing plenty of stories about other refugee families. As an example there is a family of 8 (6 children) who are staying in a dormitory that has been opened up to refugees. They don't have any cooking facility so for a hot meal they have to go out to eat. They have gotten invitations at families in the community that they are staying in, but not every day. It is also very difficult for a self-providing family to completely give up their independence and rely on other people.


Anonymous said...

Are you handing out chocolate too? Docs Wife

Yaakova said...

I don't know what else to say, besides keep up the good work. I wish I had a lot more money to give. Last night at a pro-Israel rally, we all donated funds as we were capable in order to assist people caught in this. I hope some of it gets to you. The goal is to collect 18 million total, at all the events-- I don't know yet how much was collected, but I'll try and find out.
As always: all of you contributors to this site, as well as your families, are in my thoughts. (Even the bird, though I'm no fan of pet birds. But no one should have to live in this balagan.)

Yaakova said...

Hi Guys,
You may want to check out my post today. Let's hope it generates some giving!

docyaak said...

how do we get a shirt?