Thursday, July 20, 2006

the nurse friend adds her two cents from central israel

...just wanted to confirm to all concerned that the bakery is still standing. In the name of honest reporting we buzzed by on the drive out of Ma'alot to check out the reports. The flower shop across the street has been demolished, part of the bituach leumi building has scorch marks on it, and upstairs has a few holes going through. The bakery appeared untouched.

We'll be heading back up north on Sunday, with or without our kids depending on what's going on then.... Hopefully all will be quiet, calm, and back to normal routine.


StepIma said...

you must really love that bakery... 3 posts about its safety in the middle of everything else being hit :)

stay safe

Anonymous said...

I really have to go to this bakery when we come.... I am the nurse's sister, and the daughter of "he who has not blogged" & doc's wife, living in Canada, I enjoy keeping up to date with your blog. Thanks.

rockofgalilee said...

It's not as much a _great_ bakery as much as it's the only place to get barekas.

He who has not blogged would probably give us great perspective. He did take a great movie, though.

If you're still having a barmitzva here, we'll see you then.