Tuesday, July 18, 2006


First of all I want to thank train talk and his wife for keeping you updated. Thank God they got out of the region safely today. I spoke with them this morning and they will be arriving in Jerusalem very soon.

It looks like the doctor who I asked to guest post has not had the opportunity yet, he is probably very (crazy) busy keeping things going at the hospital.

I have asked a nurse who has just arrived in the region from her vacation in Eilat to start guest blogging. She will be visiting wounded people in their homes and will definitely have a great perspective. Her posts probably won't start to cvome on until the evening when she comes home from work, unless she is drop dead tired. Her husband, who works near Karmiel, might also post now and again.

As for us, we arrived in Jerusalem last night. We have an apartment (donated by a friend) to stay in for about a week and a half. Our children will acclimate to the situation in the next day or so and hopefully their stress symtoms will go away. I also have an office in Jerusalem (donated by a friend) from where I can telecommute, so that I do not have to take vacation days because of this situation. The wife and children are out shopping for new clothes now (if you would like to contribute to that effort or the new bunker effort see the side bar). Aside from that if you want to donate to poor people in the north or to any other northern cause please leave a comment with your donation as to where you want it to go and I will make sure that the right people get the donations.

Remember if you're not in Israel, you should donate to Israel. We're here for you.

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