Monday, July 24, 2006

Northern Nurse

Greetings from the front lines!

First report: the rock and rollings house is SECURELY locked. All you need to worry about is your milk trying to break out.

Ma'alot update: from 3 this afternoon until about 6 it's been rocking. Shelomi and Nahariya were attacked, so we were reminded to get to where we should have been. Ten minutes before four Ma'alot was hit 3 times, (rechov maale habanim, keren hayeson...or maybe kayemet... the first house on the right as you go to the mercaz from the shuk.) Cherfish...Hurfish... was hit, next to the kupat cholim..... according to ynet, one person lightly injured... according to eyewitness accounts, lots of blood and people freaking out. Guess it's the same thing, if you translate perspectives....

Kupat Cholim Meuhedet was work as normal for nowadays, the only difference being the staff hanging around the miklat area as much as possible....

Since all that excitement it has been, Thank G-d, quiet. My baby is sleeping in the miklat and I'm about to go pack up for yet another drive to the mercaz of the land to be reunited with my big, stoic, brave, beautiful, wonderful, darling daughters.

On that note, Major, Major kudos to the sister-in-law who is watching and taking care of my daughters, despite the fact that her husband got an emergecy call up to the army a few hours before shabbat.... REAL reports from what we hope is not the front line involve the fact that it's sunny and everything else is classified.

Hoping for a peaceful night......
the (current) northerners.

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