Monday, July 24, 2006

people returning

Last night a couple people returned to the battle front to settle things. Water the grass, feed the birds, get new clothes,...

You heard from Train Talk, but he didn't mention that his windows had imploded due to a hit right nearby. He also said that daving (prayers) is being held in the bomb shelter now.

Moshe also returned and said it was like a ghost town. Nobody was on the road, nobody was on the streets. You can still hear the regular firing of katyusha rockets and the bang of our artillery.

I just heard a live report that Tzfat is pretty quiet at night. That might mean no direct hits instead of actual quiet. I heard in our village it started getting louder after 5. It could be that our village was the afternoon shift and Tzfat got the morning run.

I'm heading up Wednesday for a day of work and then to get some stuff from the house. It looks like we might be here for a while, so it is time to get a move on it. Hopefully I'm going to be meeting with some people this week on some business ideas I have been working on. I guess that's one of the advantages of being in the center of the country. The poeple I need to meet with are here.

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