Thursday, July 20, 2006

trying to infiltrate

There is heavy exchange of fire between hizballah and Israeli Defense forces on the northern border right now right by moshav Avivim. Generally when this happens, they are trying to cause a diversion so they can get some people to sneak across the border at a quiet spot. The IDF is well aware of this method and currently has soldiers constantly scanning the length of border trying to catch the infiltrators. While it is still possible for them to sneak in, we are hoping that they get blown away before that happens again.

Moshav Avivim is right on the border with Lebanon and it is a very interesting town. It is settled mostly by religious sefardim, but they don't have any religious services in the area so the kids go to non-religious schools and dress like secular Israelis.

We stayed there when we went away for an evening without the children and were very surprised to see all the adults dressed in the national religious, while the children were wearing belly shirts with multiple piercings and without covering their heads. I was really confused until a friend who works in the area explained the situation.

Now we see how important the education system really is.


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