Tuesday, July 25, 2006

... a thought during todays attack on haifa

Israel cannot and has not come out and said to salaried workers residing in the areas near the Lebanese border that they will be renumerated for days they have missed at work. So what about salaried workers who have temporarily relocated? We are discussing half a month's salary by now and it gets bigger every day hostilities continue. My great hope that a new consensus will rise out of the ashes becomes illusionary when we have to be rich enough to shoulder our own personal burdens. This reminds me of an experience I had trying to earn a living in Jerusalem after I was released after a year's army duty. One of my jobs was working in the library/archives of the State Magistrate's Office and some distinguished veteran legal eagle told me he wished he could afford the luxury to do the job I was doing. In just the same vein I salute not the army and not the country but all somehow directly touched and related to current events who are doing their best without the slightest idea who will foot the expense. I would venture a guess that our beloved Finance Ministry would sooner give us free points and reduce our taxes than something responsible like say the equivalent of $500 per week for each employee without reference to his/her salary level. Since our country pays more per citizen than any other country for security, it seems logical to comprehend that we citizens within damage range have turned from being periphery residents into objects of war. The hard fact the government may or may not have asked itself is how much is each of us worth. Bunkerites of the North, unite.

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