Wednesday, July 19, 2006

hopefully live updates by tonight

My wife just spoke with our nurse friend working in the field and she said that she couldn't get into blogger yesterday. Hopefully I'll be able to walk her through it tonight and we'll start getting live updates again. The electricity is back on in Haifa and I walked someone through getting the Internet connection working, so I'm back working also.

I sent my kids to a social worker today to discuss the trauma that they have been going through. They drew pictures and played some games, and she said it seemed like they were dealing fairly well. She was a little bit concerned about one of the boys who has a very overactive imagination, but I haven't gotten the details yet.

We were told not to go home yet, though we are both ready to sleep in our own beds. So far from what I've heard, the bombing stopped for the night at around 11 and started again this morning at 5. From 5-7 it was a constant barrage and then it stopped for a little bit and started up again. There are currently loud booms going on.

The community here is being very nice to us. One of my friends neighbors heard we are here and brought over a bag full of toys for the kids to play with. They were so excited and it kept them busy for a good amount of time this morning.

The guy who got hit in Nahariya yesterday was caught taking his family down to the shelter. It is impossible to stay in the shelter all the time or you'll go mad, so people generally wait until it stops being so loud and then resurace. They go down again at the next air raid siren or announcement. That is what he was caught in the middle of. He was not just walking around outside wondering what the fuss was all about.

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