Monday, July 17, 2006

rockets at work

We arrived at work today in Haifa without incident, or rather without security incident. Apparantly, my children are a bit sensitive to the security situation. Each one of them has a stomacheache. Aside from that one of them got a bad ear infection and another has a fever.

The first order of business is the new rock of galilee underground bunker. We are currently looking for donations that will allow us to build a fully equiped underground bunker so that we can live with peace of mind during rocket attacks.

Last night's stay at the muqata was an enjoyable event. Jameel certainly knows how to grill those franks and burgers.

Update from the front.....

My building in Haifa was just sent down to the shelters for the second time. This time the whole building shook and some people watched the Katyushas land. 2 in the bay and one on land.

...End of update

My kids don't seem to be handling this very well, so we are heading down to jerusalem. I can work from there and everything should be fine.

This is the third time my report was interupted by an air raid siren.
What a day.

Unfortunately when we left Maalot, we left with only one day's worth of clothing because our plan was to return home after the army vanquished our enemies. Unfortunately that has not happened and since the situation has intensified we are not returning home to get clothes.

If anyone can donate even $1.00 (or more) for new clothing for the children and us, through our paypal account (you can even use credit cards) it would be muchly appreciated. Any money left over after we buy clothing it will be dedicated to the new bunker fund.
Thank You.

(The name on the paypal account is shiva call, which is a business that I have been working on)
I'll post an update when we land in Jerusalem.
God willing.

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