Wednesday, July 12, 2006

its raining

I want to start with a funny story. If you're sensitive about security situations don't read after the story.
We went to the klezmerfest last night in Tzfat. The city was closed to non-residents and we drove past the city and parked in the parking lot. Then a bus too us to where the festival was. The parking lot cost 25 shekel. The bus cost another 3.80. We were sitting on the bus waiting for it to fill up when one of the parking lot workers walked over to the bus with a policeman and pointed at someone. The cop said to the guy, do you want your car towed? The guy yelled back, "either let me into the parking lot for free or I'm not moving." The cop repeated himself asking if he wanted his car towed. The guy said that there was no sign and no reason why he shouldn't park there. The cop said, if you leave your car there it will be towed. The guy laughed and said, that either they let him into the parking lot for free or he is leaving the car there because there is no signthat says he can't park there and therefore he is not moving it. The policeman walked away and the bus left. The entire way to the festival this guy was talking loudly about how they can't tow his car because there was no sign. I was thinking, "what a stupid person." When we got back to the parking lot at 11, his car was not there. I don't know if they towed it or if he came back before us, but I assume it was towed. I can just imagine this guy comingback to the parking lot at 12:30 AM after the festival ended and saying, where's my car.

"Mommy, if there are no bombs tomorrow can my friend sleepover" my oldest daughter asked my wife today. It started at about 8:30AM, or at least that was when I got the first call from my wife. It is now 11:30 Pm and the booms have not stopped yet. Most of the booms are us hitting them, you can tell the difference if you take the time to listen.
Today was a very rough day for Israel. A second front was forecably opened up by the Lebanese as they started shooting rockets over the border. 5 people were injured in Shlomi, which is just north of us. 2 more soldiers were kidnapped. I heard that they were Druze, which could make it very rough on the prisoners. A tank was blown up by a mine and the 4 soldiers in there were killed.
May we merit the coming of mashiach speedily in our days.

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