Sunday, July 30, 2006

kfar kana

We wiped out Kfar Kana. More then 60 dead Lebanese people.
We warned them to get out and stop shielding militants and they ignored us. Reminiscant of the time we warned the brits to get out of the King David and then blew it up. I guess they haven't learned the lesson that if there is even a bag on the floor that nobody claims you avoid it. Even more so when you get warned. The reason they haven't learned this is because people are not trying to randomly kill their civilians as they are to ours.

Reports are that a rocket was fired from Kfar Kana. People of Kfar Kana, you didn't stop a rocket being shot at my home and now I hope you all rot in hell. There is not an innocent among the dead. The children who were killed were being raised to kill, they were taught that Israeli blood is cheap and therefore like the ben sorer oomoreh, who didn't do anything specifically to deserve death, they are killed to prevent them from killing us in the future.

Lebanese people: We don't want you dead, we just want to return to our homes. Live with us in peace and we'll stop bombing your villages. If not, we'll throw shoes at your graves.


Beny Shlevich said...

Oh god damn it, we didn't "wipe out" Qana, we destroyed ONE SINGLE BUILDING. As an Israeli, try to be precise; in a few hours happy Arab bloggers will be quoting you.

Plus, check your sources. Most Lebanese children were NOT raised to hate Israelis. They aren't Palestinian children. Apart from the Hizbullah, the Lebanese citizens were too busy rebuilding their country to hate Israel.

נקמת ילד קטן לא ברא השטן, ולא משנה אם הוא נהרג במלחמה צודקת או לאו.

rockofgalilee said...

We may not have wiped out the entire Kana, but we did kill 55 people, which is a hell of a lot.

While most Lebanese children are not being raised to hate Israelis, the ones who are part of families that tacitly or non-tacitly support the Hizballah offensive against Israel are learning that it is ok to shoot rockets at innocent Israeli civilians.

They might not have textbooks that say Jews are monkeys, but they certainly have seen rockets fired at Israel and are given the explanation that we don't deserve to live.

JoeSettler said...

Read this for a slightly different perspective on Kfar Kana.

JoeSettler said...

Check this mystery out:,7340,L-3283816,00.html

Yaakova said...

Wow-- those were some strong words. What happened in Qana was tragic.
Yes, those kids might have been brought up hate Jews (not just Israelis), but there is always a chance that one of them would have turned from that path and saught peace. For that reason, and because all people were created by G-d and in His image, I'm sad for their deaths. At the same time, we all know Hizballah is culpable for their deaths, not Israel. And we all know that it's not fair that Israeli children are suffering and the world barely seems to notice. What else is new? May the IDF (and all Israelis) not be demoralized by the ongoing PR campaign against Israel.

On a much lighter note-- I ordered a shirt! Thanks for changing the back for me. :)

Stay strong-- and remember who you are: you're not like "them."

skydamarynk said...

how much do the shirts cost??

rockofgalilee said...

click on the shirts and it will give you the price.