Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I hate telecommuting

I am sitting at a desk right now in Jerusalem in my friend's basement. It is completely quiet, there is nobody else around and I think I am going to go crazy. When my boss told me I could work from home every once in a while, I told him I couldn't stand working at home and now I am actually feeling the pressure of a second day working in an isolated environment.
While some people thrive in this type of environment, I like to have interuptions and talk to people around work.

This is better for my family. :-)

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Dian_S said...

Rock of Galilee, your comments about "hating telecommuting" are of interest to me for a story I'm writing. Any chance you could send an email to dian (at) so that I can ask you a couple of questions for the story (which is about the pros and cons (mostly the cons) of telecommuting? I appreciate your consideration of this! -- Dian S.