Saturday, July 15, 2006

Shaboos under fire

Shabbos is over and what a shabbos it was.
I got home from shul (prayers) on friday evening and sat down for an enjoyable meal. My eldest daughter was still awake, so she got to join us at the table. We were disturbed my an announcement on the loud speakers that said,
"all residents go down to your bomb shelters." My daughter and wife jumped and I calmed them down and explained that we will now when it is time to go down and if we go down every time they announce it then we would never come up.We didn't hear any close booms for the rest of the night, so that was goos. I also explained a little bit of Physics to them and in order for a rocket to actually land in our room where we are all sleeping,it would first have to destroy the neighbor's house. Since our neighbor just became a rabbi, we are certain that God will not let his house be destroyed and therefore we are fairly safe. They didn'tfully understand the physics involved, but my daighter at least believed me.
We look at the anouncement to go to the shelters as a warning that it might get loud soon. and when it gets loud we will go on down to the shelters.

In the morning there were a number of close booms and when I got back from shul (prayers) the wife and kids were in the shelter. In the middle of lunch the house started shaking again after a loud boom and we ran downstairs. It was ok, because the food wasn't that great. We have learned that food made with love is a lot better then food made under duress. even my cookies came out not so great and that is weird.
We went down to the shelters a bunch of times, but mostly we just relaxed. I let the kids go outside to play on the swing set for a little bit. The first time I let them outside they were too nervous to acually leave the porch. A couple hours later they actually went down the slide a couple times.

It looks like we will probably be taking a little vacation for a coupledays. We were thinking about camping at the kinerret but then we found out th Tiberias was heavily hit over shabbos. Now we're not quite sure what to do. I have heard that if we leave the house we have the official status of refugees, but don't know what the ramifications of that are.

I'll post again if something happens or before we go to sleep.
God bless and we thank you for your prayers.


Rafi G. said...

happy to hear it was mostly uneventful for you. unfortunately it was no a good shabbos in general for Israel, considerign all that happened...

good thing you live next to the Rabbi. as they say, tov latzaddik, tov l'shcheno

Anonymous said...

What an odd mix of superstition and science. When you explained to them about physics, did you explain how rabbis' houses have special gravitational powers that repel the shells? Or do the shells simply bounce off the special, Rabbified materials constituting the walls?

I'm very glad you and your family are safe--and, G-d willing, the Tzahal will bring about a swift end to our enemies--but what a strange anecdote.

rockofgalilee said...


you hit the nail on the head with that one.