Saturday, July 29, 2006

after shabbos update

Shabbos was very nice. We spent it with the entire Israeli family and my parents who are visiting.

I haven't seen it reported yet, but I heard that the Nahariya hospital was hit over the weekend. Nothing critical and all their main operations are under ground. I then heard a second report that it was not the Nahariya hospital but the Acco hospital. I didn't know that Acco had a hospital. I haven't spoken to the doc yet, but I think we're talking about the Nahariya hospital.

A resident of the north was caught speeding at 198 KMPH in a 90 zone. They probably would have let him off but he already had 18 tickets against him recently.

The T-shirt sales are starting. I will try to put our designs on other products as I have time.


stillruleall said...

We saw a picture of it on the news. It said Nahariya.

Yaakova said...

The shirts are a great idea! But could you please ask the t-shirt vendor to also make shirts without the words "galilean refugee" on the back? (Just your website would be great.)
I want to buy a shirt, but I'd feel weird wearing a shirt that says I'm a refugee, since I'm just a supporter in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

check the comments on an old post of yours -

DAG said... interesed in t-shirt ideas on a comission basis?

rockofgalilee said...

Dag: I'm getting a pretty small commission on these as it is.

Yaakova: I will try and make some without Galilean Refugee