Friday, July 14, 2006

early afternoon in the galil

I can't even clear the weeds in peace. We let the kids watch a movie this afternoon since we aren't letting them run freely outside. Our village hasn't been hit yet, Thank God, and I am fairly confident that the angles aren't good for them because shooting at us puts Tarshicha, Jatt Yanuach, and a bunch of other arab/druze towns right on the target.

So I went outside to continue to remove the huge weed bushes that have grown up for the past number of years. I am making serious headway and pretty soon we'll actualy be able to walk all the way around the house. Suddenly I heard Boom. and I ignored it because it wasn't too close. Then I heard Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. 5 booms in all. I believe Nahariya was hit again and maybe Kibbutz Kabri. My wife doesn't like to me to be pulling weeds during missile atacks, so I came back inside to let y'all know what's happening.

The good news is that we are still hearing counter booms at regular intervals so we know that the Israeli army is working hard to protect our homes.

We were invited to a number of places in the center of the country, which is quieter, but we really felt that we wanted to be in our home. We also got invited to a bunch of settlements over the green line and we turned them down as well.We really appreciate the offers and next week if this is still continuing and my family is stressed out, we will probably go visiting for shabbos.

My sister wanted to come up this weekend and show support, but I asked her not to come. I don't feel that there is a reason to go missile chasing around the country, though she feels that showing support in endangered communities is not missile chasing. This is not the gaza strip or west bank, which need(ed) all the public support they could get. This is the Galilee and the entire country pretty much supports us.

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