Friday, July 21, 2006

Docs Wife

Hi yesterday I had to fill my car with gas, usually it is an easy thing to do, I go to the gas bar and the attendant chats to me and fills my car for me. It was different yesterday, the place was empty, no attendant, how much money would YOU pay someone to sit at a gas station here just now. What do I do? I don't read Hebrew very quickly and all the instructions were written on the pump, as I was trying to read them a guy in a uniform came and helped me, behind him another sweaty looking man pulled up, as Mr Uniform was helping me Mr Anxious was telling us to "get a move on"..there are two groups here (me) I want a full tank because my Scottish blood tells me (a) there may not be any gas available tomorrow (b) It will be more expensive. The other group is Mr Anxious who wants a liter of gas to last for one day incase his car gets hit and blows up. Well Mr Anxious was finished well before us and started honking his horn, I was done but there was a pile of newspapers at the door so I picked one up, Mr Uniform told me they were yesterdays and what did I want it for, I told him a newspaper is the best thing to clean windows with and my house is CLEAN just now, Mt Anxious is now hysterical! I don't think he has found the calming effect of chocolate yet.

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