Friday, July 21, 2006

Docs Wife

I am still fine, actually getting used to this situation. We are going away for Shabbat so I changed the birds cage and since I had a newspaper I lined it with a picture from the front page, what a pity! it is Hassan Nasrallah, no political comments....
They just made an announcement, Announcers have to go to announcers school where they are told to put a bag over their heads before they make an announcment to make it completely inaudable. The announcement was MMMMMMPh.
Maybe we can go shopping. BOOM!, time for a chocolate break in the miklat.
I think the announcement was to go to the miklat! All quiet again. B"H. I am saying the Tehillim (Psalms) for the day then some extra when I am upset or scared, I am up to next Tuesday. Well I am off when to see the Ramat Beit Shemesh grandchildren and their parents when Doc gets back. Bye be well and safe....Shabbat Shalom


Rafi G. said...

I do not understand. Who is Doc and who is Docs wife? Is rockofgalilee a doctor? I thought he was in computers. Who is posting these posts? it says posted by rockofgalilee but seems different...

if you will be in RBS maybe we can get together... will you be here for shabbos? where will you be davening? Wanna come over for lunch?

email me at

Yaakova said...

I love Doc's wife's posts! Thanks for being so real and adding an element of humor. So sorry for all you're having to go through, though. We need to get you that t-shirt that reads "Hand over the chocolate and nobody gets hurt."
Traintalk's wife's post are great, too-- again, the poignant humor.
Keep it up, ladies! And stay strong.

Anonymous said...

Saturday night I came back home to Ma'alot after a week of wandering from friends to friends, no more than two nights in one place. We are trying to organize teams of young people to clean up the shelters. Anyone interested please call 04 957 3706