Monday, July 17, 2006

daft questions

Hi, it's traintalk's wife again.
well the booming continues bit there are some very funny moments inbetween. yesterday I got a phone call from a female soldier who wanted to ask me some questions. They were to help the army understand how the civilains were feeling and how they were coping with the situation. So, here I am with 2 kids down in the shelter and me answering questions like "Has the situation changed my daily routine?" " Has the situation changed my work habits?" and lots of others in a similar vein. But the best one of all was "Was I enjoying life over the last few days?" I couldn't even answer that one. I assume it was written by a dumb psychologist in Tel Aviv who has never had the pleasure of spending time in a bomb shelter or hearing missiles go over his head. This is one crazy country that we live in.


Yobeeone said...

ROFL that's hilarious! Maybe they're doing the phone calls as a means of comic relief! LOL

Rafi G. said...

that is pretty funny..

Al-Ozarka said...

Gawd! The IDF must have hired out-of-work CNN reporters to make these surveys!


Cheers, y'all. And may God keep you safe and determined in the present situation!

BTW, the "Al-Ozarka" suffix is because I love my homeland and am a complete fanatic about the fact that I do so!