Thursday, July 27, 2006

the government hates us

We thought the government only hated West Bank and Gaza Strip settlers. Ynet is reporting that the cabinet has voted no to a massive ground offensive designed to wipe Hizballah off the map. The army came up with a plan to allow us to go home and the government decided that that was a bad idea. After all Galileans are settlers too.
I spoke with a soldier yesterday and he feels that there was a media bias against the ground offensive from the beginning. The media was against sending in ground troops and that was how they slanted their stories. Once we were in Lebanon already they made it seem like we had already won, to get the public against the idea of staying there. I don't know what their agenda is here, but the only way to win a war (as everyone knows) is to send in ground troops. Without that we'll start getting shellacked again in another 6 months.

If the government would support our troops the way the people support the troops, this would be a much happier country.


Anonymous said...

So what you suggest to do?

Shanah said...

My thought: the IDF should take charge and tell the government to go screw.

Yes, I know, that sounds very harsh. But the people are behind the IDF and there is power in numbers. If the IDF were to go ahead and disobey the government, I doubt there would be much complaint. In fact, there would probably be a ton of praise sent the IDF's way. (Along with more money, supplies, prayers, ourselves, and anything else we here in the diaspora can send.)

I know that sounds cheeky coming from someone who doesn't live in Israel, but this fight is every Jew's fight, in the land or not. It's time to throw off the fetters of politics and fight this war to WIN. Trust in HaShem, not the voices of men!

JoeSettler said...

We need the ground troops to go in, but the lesson from the last US-Iraq war is an obvious one.

Before you send in ground troops first you wipe out as much potential danger to them ahead of their entry with the overwhelming use of air power.

That would include first flattening a town like Bint Jubeil and only then sending in ground troops to mop up and control the ground.

Unfortunately we don't see Olmert letting the army do that (use overwhelming air power) and that is why so many of our soldiers got needlessly killed yesterday.

Anonymous said...

It's sad to see such a barbaric Israel act in such a monstrous way....the holocaust got to u...too much abuse makes u want to abuse sad!!! may u all suffer what u are doing to the innocent Lebanese people...

Anonymous said...

Well, while I certainly don't agree with what that anonymous person said, I don't think you can say the government hates you. It's not that they're trying to kick you out, like the other cases, it's that they're trying to think of the best strategy to protect their own soldiers, your soldiers, from getting killed.

Nobody wants to see more Israelis or Israeli soldiers die, excluding the extremist nuts doing this, so it's hard for the government to come up with a strategy that guarantees the safety of soldiers while doing powerful, calculated strikes.

rockofgalilee said...

I'm with Joe Settler. We should be flattening everything with any sign of supporting the militants. After there is no sign of life, send in the ground troops to put a bullet in the head of anything that moves.

Just Shu said...

Anon - If the "Innocent Lebanese" wouldn't have voted for Hizbullah into their Gvm't, listened to the Israeli's who warned them a few times to leave, and stop acting as human shields for terrorist, then they would have some sort of humanitarian claim.

Rockets are being shot at random from Lebanon into Israel, they are even claiming to have targets.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't think that they are actually, officially at least, part of the government. They simply run the place because Lebanon has a weak government that can't, or possibly chooses not to, keep tabs on terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I know that Governments Hate their peoples, because that is the history, that is the present reality - Never has anyone who declared war gone to fight it!

Never have those who espouse Nuclear Power had the Power Stations built in their own back yard.

Tony Blair espouse GM crops, yet eats Organic foods.

George Bush's house is self-sufficient in energy yet he moves against restraint in air travel, the biggest polluter of all.

Your own president stands accused of rape, (he may be innocent, I don't know) yet how many politicians world wide are involved in corrupt practices? Look at the KIngs and Queens of Old - all corrupt, nasty people and our governments, our banks are their direct descendents. Power.

Democracy without direct involvement and personal responsibility on a day to day basis is utterly useless, because it expects you to trust someone else with your money, or even your life! Doh!

Untill we ALL take that responsibility seriously enough we will be thrown into wars and murder by others who hate us.

I have written a song about it "government hates" and if you're interested it can be found at